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Originally Posted by UncleWede View Post
So the wife picked June 1 to get back in shape for our trip to Peru next April. I've done some walking with her, and last night was the first night back to the gym. I even went to the trouble of getting her new scan card so she could get thru the door.

We walk in, and because her sister is going to a new Planet Fitness across town, for introductory $10/month, she suddenly wants to grill staff on why we are paying the same $24/month we have since 2004.

So we work out, then head over to PF just to see. I knew it was much smaller, and didn't have a pool. Plus, even though its only about 3 miles farther from home, I KNOW I will be stressed out having to go that extra traffic each time I want to go to gym. Turns out the membership we would want is actually $20/month, but somehow she still thinks we are going to possibly change.

I really want to spend this time doing something healthy together, but not sure I can make the transition. The only thing at PF that draws my attention is the tanning.
Unk, unhealthy people are dropping dead all around us, even ones in their 40s.

Do what ever it takes.

As cliche as it is, if you don't have your health, you don't have anything.

Besides, the intangibles alone are worth the boost in being fit and healthy. Just remember, being healthy is 80% diet 20% exercise.
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