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Originally Posted by Verbiage View Post
Yeah. I had to minimize my two a days to twice a week, mostly because I was not wanting to kill myself but I rationalized it with providing ample recovery windows for growth. LOL. But I'm still essentially doing at least 45 mins a day, whether it be weights of intervals/cardio. But like last night after my shower, I could barely even rub lotion on myself (lolz). Like it hurt to pass my hands over my triceps. They've NEVER felt like this. I had to change my week for the following week after next week's rest, doing back Monday's, biceps Tuesday's, chest Wednesday's, and triceps will still stay for Thursday's.

This is brutal. LOLOL.
lol. I haven't been too sore to rub lotion on myself for a LONG time.

Just remember that your gains are being made when you're resting. No one takes recovery as seriously as they should. Pros are about the only people who take recovery very seriously.
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