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Originally Posted by MrRoboto View Post
The Chinese are just getting downright stupid now.

"China issues travel warning for Canada after 'arbitrary detention' of national"

Look bing bong, the Huawei CFO broke the damn law and is being legally detained. This tit for tat is ridiculous.
China is one of the largest exporters and importers in the world today. From a business perspective point of view China must have its own banking system so that it can not be blackmailed or threatened of whom it can do business with and whom it canít without facing retaliatory consequences by others. They are working on implementing a new banking system to avoid such issues in the future with Europe,Russia,Asia and middle eastern countries. The majority are on board with this. The real problem behind all this is the new banking system that they want in place and not really these tariffs issues. We saw what happened to Saddam and Gaddafi when they wanted to drop the dollar for oil trade. Now China wants to drop the Dollar and banking via New York for National Security interests and from their point of view they are actually right to do so. There are many Chinese things that they do of which I oppose of but from a national security point of view they are 100% right to do this to protect their freedom of trade rights.