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Originally Posted by Sassicaia View Post
For me it was cleanliness, courtesy, human rights, animal rights and pollution.

I'm sure there could be some good spots, but my experience was dead last.
Cleanliness can be really bad in some places and can be ok to good in other places but not even close to the cleanliness in Japan Courtesy can also be bad or good but if you speak the local language and go to the right places the courtesy is actually quite good. It is actually better than Hong Kong believe it or not. Human rights issues is not all that great and can be pretty bad if you ask me but if you stay out of basic trouble it is not bad. You can argue there with a police officer in the street and even argue with 10-20 of them and they will not arrest you. In California if you get out of the car to say something or argue you either get arrested or risk being shot. That does not really happen there but start a political protest against the government or President in China and you pretty much lost all your human rights

Pollution in Guangzhou,Beijing and Shanghai are bad. Shenzhen is not too bad. Animal rights can be bad but if you are in any of the bigger main cities and you abuse an animal you will be in trouble.