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Nice. You spent more time with it than I did that's for sure. I was just a quick drop in while out running other errands.
I knew they were going to have this "event" about a month ago when I went to the dealer for an oil change for my X5 and talked to my salesman. I went prepared with a bunch of things I wanted to see/compare/test. Overall I was very pleased with it and it looked better than I was expecting. My wife and my daughter who came with us really found the car ugly in pics but immediately changed their minds when they saw it in person. I was surprised my wife didn't like the look of the red leather interior. If felt as nice or even nicer(maybe due to normal wear) than my merino leather seats in the X5. She really likes the look of the wool/alcantara blue interior, but I just don't think the microfiber will hold up well after a couple of years of family use and you cannot get ventilated seats (one can argue you don't need them with cloth seats) but I am the only one who uses the ventilation.

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I'm shocked by how many times I have gone to load something only to find out the hatch won't close. Not practical at all…
Before the X5, we had a X4 M40i. I get what you're saying. For sure it is going to be less practical than an X5 trunk for hauling large items/boxes. I was pleasantly surprised that it was as wide as my X5 trunk and as deep. We measured 44 inches wide, 41.5 inches deep in the center, a little less as you move to the sides, and about 29 inches in height at best but in an irregular shape (measured to the roof with the trunk divider thing removed). There is a 4 inch difference with the X5 in terms of height and the X5 trunk is more square. This was fine for us to have our roadtrip layout with our suitcases in the trunk with a tunnel in the middle for the dog to be in the ski pass area, which was what I was hoping for.

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I'm not ready for a full electric at this point. I like what BMW is doing with it and where it's going. I have no doubt whatever is out when I'm ready to go full electric will be fantastic.
This obviously depends on how you use your car and what your specific concerns are. I have watched lots of videos about various electric cars and have seen how they handle some of the issues and where they have improved over the years. I still want to read the fine print of the battery and motor warranty to understand what exactly is covered and what would be considered "normal" degradation. Every other concern I had is really not a problem nowadays.
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