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Originally Posted by Lups View Post
Oh come the fuck on, do not bring babies in to this!

I really want one, the hubby thinks I'm both too old and way, way too me to make an other one with me.
Allow me to share a little story with you:

One of the guys that my brother works with did this - so this is a true story. He was on the second (I believe) kid with his wife, and his wife really wanted more, but he was done. Anyways, one day he told his wife that he and the guys were doing a guy's trip to Las Vegas for an upcoming weekend and so she knew he was going to be away and all that, everything was good. However, there was no actual Las Vegas trip. Instead, he went to the urologist, got snipped / vasectomy, and booked himself into a hotel for the weekend to recover so that his wife knew nothing and just assumed he was in Vegas.

Now I'm not sure if she has found out yet, I can't remember whether there were updates to the story, but the above part I remember.

So I have to ask...has your husband ever been on any "trips with the guys" for a few days in the past few years??
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he's Canadian. By international law we all must worship him and all other products of the country.
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Joe's mind and vocabulary are much like being served something that you don't want to swallow on a 24k gold platter.....with 5 star service.
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