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Originally Posted by JasH View Post
Much higher stress on i8 battery btw, but they are designed differently to accomodate that.

However leaving a car to go flat over 8 months can't have done it any good.
It doesn't matter only how fast you charge regarding stress. It matters at which proportion of the capacity per time you charge. For the about 10 kWh of the current i8 battery the about 2,3kW charge is 0,23C. If you have a 100 kWh battery, you can charge at 22kW with the same stress on the battery. 1C is perfectly fine as charging speed. For the 43 kWh i3, 50 kW is just over 1C and no issue. Charging an i8 at 5C (50 kW) or more would. That's also why Tesla doesn't charge at more than 1C at the superchargers anymore for most of the time, no matter what kW they advertise. The Cells can't take it. At the moment, Porsche leads the pack there with what sustained charging speed the cells can take. If they will last we will see...