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Originally Posted by P1et View Post
That is good feedback. I know the wireless can be touchy, but if all else fails, I might just pull ethernet in there. Just like the fact that it's a camera that you can easily move around. The other Hikvisions are more of the permanent mount type.
That's the allure of the 2432 box style cameras. You can place them just about anywhere. But also be aware about the weight of the 2432 cameras. They're pretty light even with the included base. I had an issue where the Ethernet patch cable I was using when I had the one designated as a baby cam in our bedroom to watch our daughter while she was sleeping. The cable had enough stiffness and heft to keep rotating the camera. We had to weigh down the Ethernet patch cable to keep the camera pointed where we wanted it.

With the wireless situation on the 2432, as I said above, I don't know why everything seems to have resolved itself. The wireless equipment I'm using is enterprise/business grade stuff. Not going to argue it but I would have like to know what was causing the issues.

As far as finding a power supply to run the 2432 while in wireless mode, I found one of the wallwarts from some old Netgear network equipment to work with the camera.