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I've struggled with weight since I was a teenager. I've always blamed it on genetics, slow metabolism, insulin resistance etc.
6 years ago I got to 250+ lbs and started to feel like shit all over.
I've done plenty of research over the years but one thing I did not try until then was ultra low carb with weekly re-feeds while lifting heavy. And by that I mean squats, presses and deadlifts with a barbell and until failure - nothing fancy, basic stuff.

So for two years I have consistently had only two low carb meals daily, went to the gym and lifted weights (made pretty good progress btw) and replenished my carbs on the weekends while doing no cardio at all.
I went down from pant size 42 to 34 - lost plenty of fat and gained pretty decent amount of muscle... I got strong and my immune system went nuts.... I honestly do not remember when was the last time I got a cold, much less anything more serious.

Best part is, I now no longer have to be on a strict diet, in fact I have been eating pretty much like a "regular" person, except that I don't eat very much AND I stay away from sugar as a routine (though I am not extreme about it).
I also keep a pretty active lifestyle... I have traded my IT support desk job for physical work in our IT distribution warehouse - yes, that means lifting boxes all day and shit.

4 years later I'm still size 34 and have not been sick in years.
I think somehow the way my body was handling sugar has radically changed.
I am 54 btw, so it looks like it is never to late to shake the very foundation of what is wrong with your hormones...

But to make the long story short, I truly believe elliptical won't do, unfortunately...