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Originally Posted by DonaldPump View Post
Been following Mark Bell for a long time and thatís a great reminder that I need to get one. When I was a novice lifter I benched/did push ups with the ugly flared out elbows but itís so much more comfortable now tucked in at the sides. Your bench is insanely strong. What is your squat/DL?
to be 100% honest, i neglect my legs, but they aren't chicken legs, they are somehow to scale with the rest of my body.
i had a hip injury about five years ago that required surgery and the joint is just not the same. i try not to mess with it too much. i do want to invest in a hex bar and experiment with it to see if it is more comfortable. i'll occasionally us a leg press, but nothing significant.

get a sling shot, i use the yellow one and it is the perfect amount of resistance. i attribute most of my significant strides in strength to it. the first time i used it, i did extra sets and extra reps. my lower triceps were very sore. my shoulders also aren't sore anymore because of the way it has trained my form.
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