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Originally Posted by 2000cs View Post
And, we might be overlooking some other factors: international sales (especially China, currently dampened by the trade negotiations) and services (iTunes, media content, etc) which is growing and could replace many products in the profit picture.

My view is that Apple is a fashion company, not a tech company. As long as they generate new, interesting and exciting fashion for their market, they will grow and can leverage that into services. If Cook canít come up with those products, and manage that transition, he and perhaps Apple are toast (wait! An Apple Toaster!!!). Just have to keep in mind that the world market is still a huge opportunity, and much less price sensitive than the US on the iPhones.
I hadn't really thought about it in a "fashion" sense but this is spot on. My sister, for one, goes out and purchases whatever new iProduct that comes out as soon as it hits the store for no other reason than to create envy with her shallow ass friends. I honestly feel sorry for these people that only spend their money on things to create an image.

I do expect a huge leap in technology soon that will eventually leave cell phones themselves a dated technology. I'm guessing some form of implanted or wearable device that doesn't require typing or touching it at all.

As for the toaster, I'm amazed that we don't already have toasters with wifi so we can watch our toast get brown via live feed off internal webcam.