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Originally Posted by yco View Post
Ocon's crash was one of the weirdest accidents really..
and i guess new chassis is not working for Vettel as well there was a half second difference this time..

touching a kerb, getting over a kerb and hitting a kerb is all different things..
the kerb i told dont remember was in FP1 or 2 Vettel hit the curb and flew over.. he thought car d understeer but it didnt.. and its normal that Vettel attracts more than Albon etc.. he has 4 WDC even if the last one was 7 years ago..

edit: here it is..

Ay ay ay... This is exactly what I'm talking about. When he said he understeered do you really think Vettel doesn't know what understeer is? I understand that you're biased against him but let's use some brain here. He understeered into T13, went deep, so the turn into T14 was steep (that's what caused riding the curbs) to get a good entrance and a good exit out of T15. A lot of drivers do that when the understeer or turn late into T13. Bias sometimes can make a person look stupid when I know they're not.

Ocon was looking in the mirror and totally misjudged the speed of Haas and the approaching Williams so he took evading measures and crashed.
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