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Originally Posted by 10" View Post
Very few people care anymore...and Toyota know it will flop.
Time will time, but pretty much all of the European slots have already been called for.

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looks great to me. dumb question: 2 seats only? at least it looks like it from the outside..
Like Red Bread said, it is based on the Z4 platform. I'm sure they could have found a way to stuff some useless backseats in it, think JDM FD RX-7. But why add on unnecessary weight?

On a side note, this is what insider A70TTR shared with us awhile back. The chief engineer of the A80 actually wanted a more pure lightweight sports car. He wanted to bring the Supra back to it's root to the 2000GT. He had requested to develop a new bespoke platform for the A80, but was denied. The bean counters told him to use what was given, the Toyota Soarer (aka Lexus SC). So they made due with what they had.

Originally Posted by Red Bread View Post
Yes, it's based on the Z4 and shorter than the A80 or GT86.
Yup, shorter in both overall length and wheelbase when compared to the A80. However, while have a shorting wheelbase than the 86, it is slightly longer overall. 5.5 inches longer than the 86 if I recall correctly.

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Toyota recently jumped on the save the manuals bandwagon,
Here's hoping for a MT change of mind in the supras future
If they can make a Corolla 6spd .......they should be able to make the supras Manual as well
During the media test drive in Japan, Tada san did confirm that there was a prototype with a manual transmission.