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Originally Posted by Mr.SugarSkulls View Post
Maybe you just need to move to a new city/state where no one knows you. No girls, no friends- fresh start aka no one talks to you.

Or buy noise cancelling headphones. Not the little ones.

I have some bose QC35s. They'll run you 300-400 bucks but man are they awesome at tuning out the noise+ better sound quality than beats. Big plus- I sleep with them on all flights +some nights when the neighbors are being inconsiderate
Not sure if the first bit is sarcasm. I suppose I can be an asshole but it frustrate me when I'm out of breathe and someone is just constantly asking me questions. Kinda the same thing when someone wants to ask a bunch of questions while I'm trying to eat.

I had earbuds in that were very visible and had to take them out to listen to him. In this case it was just as simple as someone not picking up on nonverbal social cues. Most people will just speak or head nod and move on.