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Originally Posted by yco View Post
i guess its been more than a year that McLaren came up with this solution but still not backed by FIA.. actually as far as i remember they werent allowed to use them and still.. probably safety reasons but its a very good way of lowering carbon deposits.. 75% lower.. its a very good number..

I'm pretty sure McLaren is using that seat this season. Come to think of it, I believe there was a comment made on these seats during coverage of one of the practice sessions for the GP at Imola.

The biggest downside with these seats at the moment is that they are about 30% heavier than their traditional counterparts if memory serves me right. I know teams try and save every gram but a 30% increase in weight over a seat thats already quite light isnt as bad as, say, a 30% increase in weight of the moncoque/survival cell.

You make a good point though. If the FIA and F1 want to promote sustainability and reach a net zero carbon goal, then this should be an easy win.
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