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Originally Posted by shanecarmaster1
Originally Posted by SCOTT26 View Post
I liked the Z3 Coupe and M Coupe , it was quirky and interesting at the same time and was a riot to drive , especially that M. Those cars were created by sheer creativity , it was not just a marketing exercise or commitee.
It was like a Toy - A source of enjoyment for hours.
Maybe it would be better for BMW to recapture the same silly driving sensations they used to - like everyone around here gets aggrivated about? Believe me, the numbers of every new BMW get more impressive than the previous, but the sheer driving pleasure of the cars are always diluted. I own a 2001 740i M Sport, and a brand new 750Li. I can tell you that the old 7 series satisfies me much more, and everyone comments on how much sexier it is than my new 7. It rides superb, it handles like my 3 series, NA V8 noise and throttle response, and was all about the true BMW luxury car. My new 7 feels like a tank that leaves me cold at the end of every drive. Literally the only things I enjoy about that car is when someone gets in and comments on the rear space, then when they close the soft-close door, and pulling up in a car that big. That's about it.

The 80's and 90's BMWs had the most soul, the best look, and BMW was truly the leader on top of the game. When I bought my E90, people (including my family) thought I bought the old 3 series because there was a 2005 330i sitting in the lot next to mine at delivery. The new 3 has been regarded by awful numb steering and a synthetic, artificial experience that gets in the way of the "shit grin" feeling BMWs used to provide. BMW obviously recognizes the fact that they made mistakes - just look at the driver oriented dashboards coming back, the beauty of the new exterior and interior designs. Some things are going back to "old school" except the thing that really matters, the thing that really defines a BMW, and the thing that is most important a BMW - the DRIVE. If BMW was such a leader, they would manage to construct cars that complied with new standards and didn't detract from this main goal of the vehicle.

I remember when the e90 came out, it had its quirks, but reviewers and new owners raved about the performance increase over the e46. The F10 was a disappointment compared to the drive of the e60, the F01 got softer, the F30 is more disappointment - what's next? Is the M Division going to start disappointing soon?

Please don't take my input personally, but I'm only throwing it out there.

Edit: Something I just thought about: remember when you could order a 7 series in RED? That would be unthinkable today, and isn't even offered. It's only a color, but a huge symbol of values.
Well all car manufacturers have to make everything softer, its for mass market appeal. I wish BMW could make a so called "enthusiast package" with proper tires and sportier suspension. Which bring me on to another point, why are BMWs coming with the worst tires possible (excluding m cars) The new 3 and 5 have reviews that say worse handling because of worse tires. They come with touring and low rolling resistance tires that decrease performance tremendously for 1 mpg. I say this because I drove the new 3 with 18 inch pirelli p7 low rolling resistance summer, a 19 inch car with bridgestone s001 and a 18 inch with s001. The s001 is a proper summer tire making the grip level higher along with make more predictable handling and feel. So Scott26 why is BMW putting some awful tires on their brilliant cars?