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I too bought an external LG DVD from Target for $25 for this purpose (SP80NB80 or just SP80). I have never had to do anything with the volume nob. It takes about 50 seconds for the stereo to index/buffer the files, but once the system (on my 2017 i3) recognizes the disc within and says AudioCD then mine plays fine.

And I wish people would stop telling others to stop using CDs. Unless you rip to uncompressed files (WAV/FLAC/ETC) then CDs are objectively better sounding than MP3s/OGG/ACC, and a CD lasts practically forever. And if you do rip to uncompressed then you'd need a very large USB stick, which the i3 system probably wouldn't recognize anyway (it only reads FAT32 if I am not mistaken). I currently have about 100GB of music ripped, and still don't have all of my CDs ripped. I use the ripped files on a portable music player for when walking, biking, at work....whenever I can't use CDs. If I can use CDs, then I do. And that's not really for anyone else to decide what's best.
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