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Originally Posted by FlaPatsFan View Post
Hows your foot? 365 on a bum flipper is pretty decent Id say.

Yesterday was heavy Front Squats and Power cleans for me. A triple FS @ 315, then a triple PC at 225. Today was a freebie day to do whatever. So mixed it up with Globo bicep stuff, core, and conditioning. Worked in rounds of tire flips @ 400#.
Front Squat is solid man! That's the one exercise I just never could get the hang of. Maybe my body mechanics aren't built for it....while low bar back squats feel very natural.

So I cheat and take the wimpy way out when doing front squats. I do them on a Smith Machine so that it balances it for me...and just usually bang out reps with 225lbs.

I know....Smith Machine......
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