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Originally Posted by M3_WC View Post
Surely that is not what BMW had in mind to make a profit. Millionaires buying the i3 instead of a Prius.

Question is will they buy this for more than double the cost of a Leaf?

This car has been created and will be sold in an effort to boost the average "fleet" fuel economy ratings for BMW, all car companies are currently doing this. Yes it's being marketed and hyped as a new-age way of travel and they're definitely playing the "being green" card, etc., but in reality BMW (just like everyone else) is being forced into action.

Based on new regulations the bottom line becomes that if you want to produce a fire-breathing M-Car, you need to offset it with a fuel sipping car, and/or electric vehicles. As a matter of fact Electric vehicles are counted twice during the averaging process according to the article below.

Don't get me wrong.. they'll sell the sh*t out of them in LA/NY/SF, etc... but there are probably not too many people in the mid-west willing to plunk down $700-800/mo on a car that will likely only save them a few hundred a month in fuel purchases (just doesn't make economic sense)... Only in bigger cities does personal vanity rise to a level where people spend more to save less. LOL.

BTW, as far as I know there is nothing that says the cars must sell on par with the gas guzzlers, only that they're available.

Personally I think both of the iCars are ugly and overpriced, but it's a means to an end. I'm just happy a lobbyist somewhere left a loop-hole in the regulations large enough for me to drive an M5 through.