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Originally Posted by M3_WC View Post
Surely that is not what BMW had in mind to make a profit. Millionaires buying the i3 instead of a Prius.

Fact is people that are green are usually frugal people. I bet a lot of Leaf and Prius owners never even owned a BMW.

Question is will they buy this for more than double the cost of a Leaf?
If it were more than double the cost of a LEAF than BMW would have a problem but luckily it's not, and not even close to that.

The least expensive LEAF is the LEAF S and it starts at $28,800. It's basically a stripped down LEAF. The LEAF in SL trim is actually what would be closest to an i3 and the price is $35,690.

So even the least expensive LEAF is only 30% less and a more comparable trim is actually only 14% less.

The i3 goes 0-60 in 7 seconds and the LEAF does it in about 9.8 seconds. I think that alone is worth the extra 14%! However they are different cars and are only compared because they both use electricity to power them. Do we compare an Altima to the 3-Series frequently?
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