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thought you all would get a kick out of this (this is real)

I had called and left a voicemail with BMW i Concierge about two weeks ago, and finally got a call back from them today (7 days later).

This is what they (some very junior guy) said about my i8: (THIS IS REAL, word for word, and had to share this with you all)

iConcierge: Sir, your i3 is a complex vehicle and takes lots of time to complete.

me: I ordered an i8, not an i3

iConcierge: Oh, well, it doesn't matter, they are the same car

me: no they are not

iConcierge: sir, trust me, i know BMWs. They are the same car. I know BMWs and I work for the BMW i division.

me: Yeah, i can tell

iConcierge: anyway, your i3 will probably take another 3 - 4 months to complete. we don't have any info about yours specifically, but that is the general rule of thumb. no i8's have left the plant yet. I confirmed that earlier today.

me: hmm. ok. that's interesting (I knew this guy had absolutely no clue what he was saying so I did not even waste my breath with him any longer)

iConcierge: good luck and I will continue to push production along from my side **(like he really could even do that!)**. Maybe you should have your car by Christmas. It would be a nice Christmas gift, right?

me: ok, thanks. goodbye.

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