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Originally Posted by filip75 View Post
Get an automatic and pick up a watch winder. You can pick one up for about $50. You need to keep automatics wound up, so they stay lubricated.
There has been a lot of debate about needing winders or not. One side of argument is that winders cause the watches to run constantly, causing more wear eventually.

Since modern automatics use synthetic oils for lubrication, I don't think winders are necessary. I view winders as more of a convenience tool so that you don't have to set the time again after letting the watch sit for a few days.

There are some watchmakers who do not recommend use of winders at all. I just think it's a matter of personal preference as long as you pick up a quality winder that you can custom set a # of revolutions per day. For me, I don't think I will need a winder.