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They both keep time to precision that is more than acceptable for anything you'll be using your watch for.

Quartz watches are infinitely more convenient and cost a boatload less than automatics. For this reason, automatic watches are viewed as more prestigious (not necessarily because of the automatic movement per se but because these watches cost more).

In bizarro world if quartz watches cost more than automatics I'd be willing to bet you that some people who are diehard automatic watch fans would switch over to quartz because quartz would viewed as more prestigious (since it costs more).

I know some people claim to be passionate about the watch movement itself but this seems a little strange to me because it's not as though you're interacting with the watch movement itself on a daily basis. For all intents and purposes you're mostly using your watch as jewelry and the internal mechanism of time keeping doesn't really play a role here.

The only way it plays a role has to do with the prestige factor I mentioned above. Automatics cost more and tend to be associated with brands that are more prestigious (because they cost more).

Personally I don't care much about watches but I've always been a food guy and I admittedly fall into this trap myself. Sometimes I'm convinced that certain restaurants offer higher quality food because they cost more. And, to a rough approximation this is usually true but it's not a 1:1 correlation or anything. It's not like a $1000 plate of food tastes 10 times better than a $100 plate of food.