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But yeah I think that invicta is a great example illustrating the fact that you're not paying a premium for automatic vs quartz (to get back to the topic). You're paying a premium for "rolex" vs "invicta" - not because the Rolex is of "higher quality" but because the Rolex is marked up by 10,000% because people want to be associated with the name "Rolex"

In bizarro world you could easily reverse the situation and have Invicta be the prestigious brand and Rolex be the cheap knockoff and many people wouldn't be able to tell the difference. They'd arbitrarily rationalize to themselves that the Invicta is a real, soulful timepiece with immaculate attention to detail and the Rolex is a cheap knockoff and this is why the Invicta costs $10,000 and the Rolex costs $100.