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Originally Posted by originalgoods13 View Post
There is more to the Rolex than just the brand name
I'm sure there is, but if I had to guess (and this is a wild but educated guess) I'd say most of the money that goes towards paying for a Rolex goes towards paying for the name and not necessarily for the quality of the materials or the method of manufacturing the watch.

If watches were priced purely on quality, the Invicta would cost, I don't know, $75 and the Rolex would cost $180.

But the retail price of the Invicta is $200 and the retail price of the Rolex is $10,000.

I have no problem believing that the Rolex is actually superior to the Invicta from a quality standpoint, but it's probably not $10,000 superior. It's probably not even $5000 superior or $3000 superior.