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Originally Posted by Rookie84 View Post
Ah. Don't get me started on Invicta. They blatantly rip off designs from high-end watchmakers and use cheap movements. They have so many copies of watches from so many different companies. They are thieves, IMO.

If you want reasonably priced, relatively high-quality automatics, there are many good brands out there such as Hamilton, Tissot, Epos, etc. They are more expensive than Invictas, but you're paying more for an original design with quality Swiss made movements.

If you actually took time to put an Invicta and an original that's been copied off of side by side, you'd be quite surprised on how much quality difference there is just from outside.

Buying Invicta is like buying Ebay parts. You know they work well for the money, but you also know that they copied the parts from companies that actually spent the time and money to research, design, and develop the parts.
I agree but let's be honest is it $10,000 (or, rather, retail price of the submariner minus retail price of the invicta) worth of quality difference?

I mean honestly maybe there is. I'm not a watch guy so I don't know. But, even if there is a $10,000 difference in quality it almost seems as though that quality is going towards things that neither appreciably enhance the accuracy of the watch nor augment the aesthetics, and I'd argue that aesthetics and accuracy are two of the most important factors when it comes to deciding on a watch.

Here's sort of a silly example to drive the point home - imagine you had a set of rims where the inside surface of the rims (away from view unless you're underneath the car) was coated in diamonds. The rims would be more expensive but would the diamond plating add to functionality or aesthetics? Probably not. Would the rims technically be of higher quality? Sure, but it's not "functionally" higher quality because the diamond plating doesn't really make the rims any sturdier nor does it enhance the outward appearance in an appreciable way.