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Originally Posted by mb135is View Post
Yikes! We've got some bunched panties in this thread!

Anyway, as relatively new to the watch bug, I've gotten two automatics to go along with several quartz watches. The IDEA of the automatic watch really appealed to me - the fact that the mechanism works all on its own is unfathomable to me because I have no clue how it works. I get that engines suck, bang and blow (woohoo!) in order to turn the flywheel. How the hell does a watch movement work? No clue.

In reality, though, I think I will end up being more in the camp of using watches to tell time, regardless of the movement. I like the automatic watches I have very much, simply because I love their designs, how they feel, etc... But I cannot say I would enjoy them any less if they were quartz. Matter of fact, I might enjoy them more since I wouldn't have to worry about keeping them going (or not keeping them going, depending on which forum post you read).

In an ironic twist, it seems that buying an automatic watch is quite like purchasing a 6-speed manual transmission. There is a more efficient and better performing option available, but that doesn't mean it's everyone's choice.

So I guess I'm saying I like my transmissions manual and, in contradiction, my watches quartz.
Yeah I completely agree with this.