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Originally Posted by i dunno View Post
the problem with the engine to watch comparison is that you interact with a car engine far much more than a watch movement. at least for me, the driver engagement of a car offers a much deeper emotional connection than looking at a watch tick. right hand on the wheel, left hand on the shifter, one foot for the clutch, and the other for the gas/brake - every appendage is linked. but what do I know? i'm not a watch guy. tbh, I just wear a calculator watch most of the time haha. but I've been in love with cars (and not just german ones) since I was born.

not saying that spending a lot of money on watches is stupid. just that its not my thing.

fun fact: gm ls v8s are usually lighter than Porsche flat 6s. there are guys who have done Porsche v8 swaps

The fact that GM LSX engines are lighter than the Porsche flat 6s make my argument even better. Despite the cheaper costs and same or less weight, some still prefer the high-revving flat 6s.

Anyway, just like different engines and different cars cannot be exactly compared to other objects, same goes for watches. I just made the comparison to help those uninterested in watches understand a little bit about some people's passion with horology.