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Originally Posted by catcher22 View Post
Definitely not a failure, and actually a very successful 7 years, especially compared to where we were in 2008. And if you say anything about the deficit or emails, well, then, it's too bad that's all conservatives have in their bag just 1/2 year before the election.

If Hillary wins and continues the decline in Unemployment, we could break into the 3% range. When is the last time we were there? We were at 10% in 2008.

Also, Bill Clinton basically all but erased the deficit (if you don't include Social Security). Hillary will have the best advice from the most recent President who balanced the budget, who also happens to be her husband. Not sure why conservatives think the world is going to hell after 7 years with Obama....
Not sure?
Donald Trump possibly being POTUS. Just repeat that a few times.
Does this help you see that many MANY Americans don't see things as you do.

Donald Trumps success is because of 7+ years of obama. Like it or not, that's fact.

If the DNC wasn't hell bent on insuring her as the nominee, won't go into all that, socialist sanders may well be leading her.
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