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Originally Posted by Mr Tonka
Originally Posted by RoundelObsession View Post
This one lying maniacal demon.
Yes, sources said that due to Bill's inability to keep his cawk out of other women, they left the white house $8mil in debt largely due to legal fees and investigations.

But for some reason people are just dying to give her money to hear words fall out of her mouth as she now has a reported net worth of over $30mil largely due to speaking engagement. It's reported that she earns about $125k (or there abouts) per HOUR for speaking engagements.

Disclamer - Didn't watch the video.
Dude - that's chump change. The Bill and Hillary and Chelsea foundation is up to something like $800M - much of it given by foreign governments. What a coincidence that Hillary is under investigation for sharing US secrets with foreign governments from her private email server.

Oh - and they haven't given any of the money to charity.
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