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RWD only.
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lol, I merged on the highway going WOT one day, and all of a sudden ended up right next to a sapph black 335i that was weaving out of a pack of cars behind me going pretty fast. The guy didn't even look at me. I was trying to get some sort of reaction out of him. Speeding up and slowing down.

Turns out he was too cool for me, what with his hat on backwards and slouched so far in the seat I could barely see his head, and his right hand at the 10 position on the wheel. He just kinda sped off and I just kinda didn't care. Still...c' coulda been fun.

Also, old people in Bimmers that can't drive are really weird. They'll drive slow, see me coming up in the next lane going maybe 5-10mph faster than them, then they speed up and try to prevent me from getting in their lane. Ass...
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