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Originally Posted by Revlis View Post
Pretty much have to agree with you... I see more shitty attitudes and little bitch syndrome here than just about any other Automotive or Motorcycle forum I ever visit...

Hang out at cafe' somewhere with a lot of traffic, almost without fail you'll see the folks in the BMW's over compensating somehow, and looking like dipshits.

You see it with other import Marques as well but BMW seems to bring em' out in droves.

In fairness there are still some enthusiasts out there and folks who buy a BMW because of it's driving focus, durability, and safety. But just about every asshole you see driving a BMW like they are some how special has the same tiny dicked little over compensating scrub behind the wheel waiting to call his attorney or the Police cause he's one of the most spineless, poserific Douch-Bag's on the roads of America... He's clawed his way to middle or upper management and he wants EVERYONE around him to be somehow impressed...

Honestly, I almost skipped a BMW just because the roads are so full of this sort of Beemer weasel. Glad I didn't though, cause I love my ride, but it's hard to be a nice guy in a BMW, I do my best to be extra courteous on the roads to try and make up for the well earned beemerweasel reputation the cars have, but it's an uphill battle...

I am already seeing in this site. Never before on any forum have I seen such cockiness and people just being strait up rude. And for what? Because you drive one? I almost didn't get the M Coupe because I didn't want to be seen as "one of those people". But this forum just backs it up. Some rich pricks acting like assholes because mommy and daddy always told them they could.

Thank god for Domestics.. atleast no one there is trying to one up the next person.. we're helping eachother rip motors apart and putting them back together.

And it may be decieving.. but my sn "MsBitch" is very very far from what I am... go on fquick, camarosvsmustangs, njfboa, projectforwardmotion... all forums I am a member of and you'll see all I do is joke around about my "stripper" friends and wanting to see boobs.