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Originally Posted by pbdm4k View Post
And you're saying that we're all pricks and don't give fellow members a helping hand?

Now that's just rude. Welcome to the prick mentality (or in your case the bitch mentality).

But at least its nice to know you're NOT a bitch and you love boobs... hey.. whaddaya know, you and I have that in common. Not a bitch.. love boobs.. not a bitch.. love boobs... SWEET!
I don't think anyone said "all" but by and large yeah, look at the toolsheds in this forum... It's lame. You've got Rich kids, who BTW aren't really the problem usually, you've got the Ex Ricer Tuners who for the first time can afford a BMW and are pretty sure that grants them license to be lame, and you've got the Old fart Mid-life crisis guys who have saved and saved and are bummed that kids and "regular" folks are driving the same car and are pretty sure they are nothing special.

It's a money/Ego/American thing By and large. In a society where money is king, the trappings of wealth are substitutes for character and class. Shame, but there it is. This is why I largely go driving with the RX-8 Guys, or Subaru guys. They remember that cars are fun and are meant to be flogged out on the back roads. They WILL help out each other and look out for one another. They don't give a rats ass what kind of freaking poserific Douche-bag watch you may or may not own, they don't car about your vacuous wife's new implants. They are there to enjoy cars, and driving and maybe eat burger out in the sticks somewhere with folks who enjoy cars and driving, not posing and being self important.

I joined the BMWCCA thinking that surely here one would find actual driving enthusiasts and NOT the typical BimmerWeasel Douche-Bag. To some extent you do, but then there's a shift where if you aren't driving some old clapped out E30/E36 you're NOT REALLY an enthusiast and don't count anyway...

So yeah, Fuck em' all, I'll continue to be an extra polite and courteous driver, I smile I give the right of way, and do whatever I can to NOT be the stereo typical BMW Guy. These cars are meant to be driven, they aren't RARE, they aren't special or unique, they should not be treated as Middle Class Trophies. They are just cool cars...

I almost didn't buy a BMW because of the attitudes, I didn't want to be lumped into that group. Turns out the car is good enough that I don't mind, but I may not buy another one, not after what I've seen over the last year of the BMW community. It's embarrassing to think that other folks, NON-BMW owners can come onto this forum and see the tripe and pathetic nature of so many BMW drivers...

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