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Originally Posted by Flying Ace View Post
Sorry I need them. I have kids, so they're going to poke at them if I don't cover it.

You can definitely buy it from Klipsch, call them, but I learned they may sell them in larger packages as they're not intended as direct to consumer product. That was the case for the rough-in brackets. They only sold them in packages of 10 for the common sizes.

Good to see another Klipsch reference series owner. What's your setup? Are you happy with it?
I was just kidding, but do need to stop procrastinating and call Klipsch.

I have 2 R - 5800 W II's for the front left and right, a CDT 3800 C for the center, and 4 CDT 5650 C's for the rears.

I honestly never gave it a real test yet, we haven't been in the house too long. The room is really for the kids and family movie night. The TV is an 85 sony 900f and the receiver is a pioneer lx503
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