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This is the difference between an average Joe and the avs forum members. I am with you, I really can't tell much of a difference between a certain quality of sound and video. But when I am reading avs forum I sometimes feel like I might be legally blind and deaf. I would probably be happy with stuff that is half the price as long as I don't read the comments about them on avs forum.
This is the rule of them I follow with matters such as this. Doesn't matter what others think. If what you have satisfies you, who gives an F' about what others think. Whether this be the favorite whipping boy called Bose or some other brand. I have specific criteria which others may find too picky or too loose.

The ones I did hold to task are those that clearly buy a name brand and spend a ton of money to just show off how much money they can spend. I laugh when I see a $20,000/pair speaker shoved into some entertainment center or some corner of a room not set up properly. I got into some debates where I said, you would get better performance than that $20k speaker set up that way if you bought speakers at a 1/4 of the price set up properly in the same room.
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We might not be in an agreement on Trump, but I'll be the first penis chaser here to say I'll rather take it up in the ass than to argue with you on this.