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Originally Posted by Flying Ace View Post
Hey, so I've finally decided to invest into a semi-serious home theater room.

I have 500 sq ft of space and I have so far sourced or about to source:

1x Klipsch 5502-w-ii center in-wall
4x Klipsch 3650-w-ii front front and rear in-wall
2x Klipsch 1800-c ceiling
Sony 1080 AVR

EPSON 1060 projector
Elite Screen 100 inch 1.1 gain motorized screen with recessed mount

Any thoughts?
I'd avoid retractable screens unless it's a tensioned model. A fixed screen is a much better option, if your room allows for it. Generally speaking, Elite is good for the price and you'd have to spend considerably more to get better. Silver Ticket is another option you should look into.

I'd also try to find a way to expand my budget on the projector. Check out what Epson has on clearance/refurb, a lot of times you can find fantastic deals and they come with the same 2 year warranty as new. I bought my 5020UB there for $900 a year and a half ago. I use it almost daily, no issues and image is fantastic.

I won't comment too much on the speakers as I haven't heard any of them, but from past experience with Klipsch, I wouldn't consider them if it was my build. Sub/s are also a major necessity for HT. For music...depends on you and what you listen to, but with a frequency response that starts at -3db at 60Hz, I think you'll find yourself wanting a sub.

Your thoughts on using the Sony AVR for now is fine. The biggest "upgrades" come from projectors and speakers.
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