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Originally Posted by Grumpy Old Man View Post
I have some Sono's speakers on my covered front porch and back deck above the hot tub. I use a Nest thermostat and Nest smoke detectors. I won't be getting any of that shit that listens to me, Alexa etc. I have a friend into it and it's a bit creepy, both his love of it and the fact that it's always listening. I know that law firms are forbidding them in their offices for security reasons. I'm not paranoid, but I seriously suggest that everyone who's thinking about it think long and hard about what you bring into your home.
It's technically not always listening, you have to trigger it to listen. At least that is what they say, are they lying to us? Very possible. But at the same time your phone, your tv, your computer, you car, can always be listening as well.