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Originally Posted by Grumpy Old Man View Post
Sorry, I don't trust Google or any of the others for that matter. I don't have hey Siri turned on, and fact only use Siri when I'm drinking and want to be an Ass.....try it sometime, Hey Siri, Google gay midget porn.....always good for a laugh.

I don't have a "smart tv" so it isn't listening, see Google porn. I don't think my computer is listening to me, I know my kids don't. Anyway, I know for a fact that Law Firms won't have Alexa in their offices. Just my paranoid 2 cents.....and remember, just because you're paranoid doesn't mean you're not being followed.
I don't think your paranoid, I mostly agree. I myself have given up though, google knows more about me than I do. I decided at this point I might as well enjoy the convenience and not worry about it as much. Maybe deep down it also makes me a better person because I question if someone is always watching me.