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Originally Posted by Couch View Post
Lars is such a little bitch. Maybe it's because he's been playing the drums for so long and he's still not and will never be considered a GREAT drummer.

I'm not really all that excited for the album, I'm more anticapting what it's going to sound like. Rick Rubin is a step in the right direction, but we'll see.

Metallica is a bunch of pre-Madonna's. Continual delays and push-backs. They're on the verge of becoming Axl Rose.
Lars was a tennis player...that should explain something
He is definitely a little bitch, but I disagree about him not being a great drummer. S&M was amazing altogether, but some of the drum rhythms were unbelievable. I'd definitely put him in the Top 10 for contemporary bands(with some of the best being Carter Beauford from DMB or Danny Carey from Tool)

Originally Posted by Brunotheboxer View Post
like you said i like the old stuff, wont even give the new album a chance. sorry.
i'll definitely give it a shot...but after st. anger, i am not going to set my hopes too high. the comment about the sobreity is very true. just like ozzy osbourne, they took a big creativity hit once they were off the juice.