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Originally Posted by SA135i View Post
... rdkind's looks a little sparse :biggrin:
I would prefer to say it looks well used or broken in. :wink:

My wife and I have taken wine tasting courses, years ago. I used to have a stock, similar to Hugo's downstairs as well. We just semi-lost interest in that hobby.

However, my brother-in-law is opening a new store called "Bin Ends" (with the motto Serious Wines/Serious Savings), not too far from here. He was an international wine broker, and decided to open shop for himself. for those unfamiliar with the term, Bin Ends are bottles left over from cases, usually high-end, that are known to sit unpurchased.

Since my brother-in-law knows these importers and producers that have these potential bin ends, he buys them for small dollars and resells them in his store.

I can't wait to have him make up a few cases for me...