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Originally Posted by jdong View Post
Very rarely does a driver constantly ask for the peak power output out of the car for more than half a minute at best.

The Prius, for example can only boost for around half a mile under full throttle (see last sentence of The ActiveHybrid 3/5 can provide around 20 seconds of boost ( Starting with 100% juice, I'm usually down to 90% after a full throttle 0-70. But remember the AH3 only has a 1 mile electric range, so the i8's battery is much much larger.
One problem is when people start quoting cars like the Prius when talking about the i8. Like in this video, it is already being compared to the 911 or M3. The i8 is being sold as a sports car. People drive their 911's and M3's hard, they are not eco-driving them like a Prius.

Now your argument makes 100% sense when talking about the i3.