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Originally Posted by GOLFFRR View Post
yea it taste really good! I take it with 2% milk. You know all I did was add one shake a day after my workouts (non workout days I take it right before bed) and ate my normal meals and it seems to be working well. A lot of times with weight gainers the users will be baffled that they are not gaining weight but instead sometimes are actually losing weight. The reason is mostly bc they stop eating as much food as before and take the shakes. Taking the shakes alone wont do anything anything you really have to still eat a ton to get results sometimes. For me personally I am at 4500-4700 cals (via myfitnesspal) pretty much each day and it seems to be working, slowly but working

I usually take mine in the AM, because i'm up early and can't really take down too much food. Taking it before bed isn't a bad idea, it should definitely keep someone full through the night. I think this gainer is the best bang for the buck. Alot of servings, and only like 50 bucks compared to some other ones