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Originally Posted by Orenji View Post
This has nothing to do with Colorado's population growing at an unprecendented rate since they legalized marijuana huh? In the last 12 months alone, Colorado's population has increased by 110,000. The universities are reporting record applications from out-of-state residents. A 30 second google search will provide you with more than enough data to debunk everything you're saying about crime and weed.

Surely, you guys can't be this ignorant.

EDIT: Looks like I'm slow to the population party.
That is arrests per 100,000. So population growth doesnt necessarily impact it as much as absolute numbers do

2012 - 857 per 100,000
2013 - 954 per 100,000
2014 - 1037 per 100,000

From 2012 to 2014 the Crime Value index also rose from 51 to 53. All this info is easily accessible

Population is growing at about 100,000/yr like you said, which is only 1-2% of total population of Colorado. Crime has been gowing up by around 10% each year.

Edit: Here's the info if youd like.
2012 Crime Stats -
2013 Crime Stats -
2014 Crime Stats -

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