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Originally Posted by ScottSinger View Post
Any thoughts on this thing ?
Never heard of them, which doesn't mean much. But the website to me, looks like it's completely marketing driven. Some of the words and phrases used are red flags for me.

"military grade carbon fiber", "Lamborghini strength body", "competition level performance" etc.... all are red flags for me. They seem to be marketing themselves to those who want a fancy looking, integrated carbon bike with deep wheels who also don't know anything about bikes.

Integrated lights and data recording are deal breakers for me as well. Proprietary electronics built in are a proprietary headache. I prefer compatibility over exclusivity.

Looks like the group set is Shimano 105. Not horrible, but not what i would consider "competition level performance" either. My guess is this bike weighs a road bike relative ton.

How many of them were ridden in 2016 grand tours? Rio Olympics? Not that bikes only ridden by pros in large races are the only brands/models acceptable, but it lends credibility to the technology being sold.

Not to mention that it's difficult to find a good set of deep carbon wheels for $1700, let alone a fully integrated carbon bike, fork, wheels, etc... for the same price.

Edit: Have you seen any reviews of this bike? I just looked for some and the only ones i found were from gadget tech sites. Seems their main marketing deal is the integrated computer. But it's not all that high tech in my eyes. I mean the chain stay has a sponsor built into it along with a magnet on the rear wheel spokes. That's some old as technology. Garmin released speed and cadence sensors that attach to the hub of a wheel and one crank arm which use accelerometers to do their work and they are very accurate, not at all unsightly and inexpensive. This company and it's bikes are on a kickstarter program or at least were at one point.

From the outside looking in, i'd let someone else experiment on it or at least wait until legitimate bike sites (MTBR, Bike Radar, etc...) get their hands on test models and do some long term testing before purchasing. There are just too many other options, including pre-owned bikes on the market to experiment with one so new to the market. Especially when they don't really bring any real innovation.

Just my opinion though.
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