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Originally Posted by F1HAMMY View Post
I'm in Kansas so I don't need my 120 mil Canyon [650b]. I'm considering a Trek Stache. When I was riding road bikes about 6-7 years ago I had really good luck with Scott. I've had a lot of mountain bikes and depending on ride conditions I'd look at a Santa Cruz Bronson or an Ibis Mojo if back in Texas or California
Originally Posted by PoorLurker View Post
What do you plan to get? The bikes this year seem to be pretty amazing.

Are you going to test out 29" bikes? They have some 120-130mm travel 29ers that seem like they would be a lot of fun and pretty versatile for riding in FL.
I think i'm pretty much settled on an X01 build Yeti SB4.5c. Supposed to be an incredible pedaling and climbing bike with their Switch Infinity tech yet still has 4.5" travel. Every review i've read or watched had almost nothing bad to say about it. I've talked to a few people who have demoed a bunch of bikes recently had each of them said that was their favorite one. No Yeti dealer near me to get a test ride, but i think i'm gonna trust the reviewer's opinions. Another reason i like it is because the specially designed this bike for 29" wheels. A lot or people who didn't care for 29" wheels have changed their opinion after riding this bike. Seems like Yeti did a good job with this one. All agree that if feels like a XC bike when pedaling and feels like an trail bike when descending. Pretty much what i'm looking for.

I looked at the Specialized Camber as well, but when comparing the reviews, seems like the SB4.5 edged it out. Just under 26 pounds too. Yay!

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