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Originally Posted by McBride View Post
That's probably it then, the article I read probably blew it out of proportion. As we all know it's the bad points that stick in your memory.

To be fair I bought a lapierre knowing full well their reputation for carbon frames cracking. even though I researched to make sure my 2013 model didn't suffer the same problems it still cracked this year after 3 years of hard riding.
You freaked me out a bit but after a fair amount of searching, i have't found much mentioned about this after 2012. There were a few threads in 2015, but still related to the SB66. And after some more reading, it seems that many of the cracks were crash related. Even then, Yeti still offers deeply discounted replacement parts to those riders. I'm in FL, so i don't ride rock gardens and don't crash often. I'm assuming it'll be fine and their CS should take care of me if it isn't.

Sorry to hear about your issue with the Lapierre. Road, MTB?
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