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As you wish don't buy them I have over 14 years in the wheel and tire industry so I think I know a little bit a about what compound means and how it's rated.
I'm CTO for Avon/Cooper tyres in the U.K.. He hasn't answered a single question I've raised. Classic Internet forum BS.

Do you want to believe him?
Lmao now he works for a tire company, before it was that his friend was a pilot on testing tires for Nissan... (Specifically on compound and side wall) What is next ? your wife measures the lifespan of the tires for NASA, I think everyone here gets the point of who is putting up the classic BS of the forum.
You don't get it do you?

You haven't a clue who I am, what I do or what the guy with 14 years of alleged experience really does either.

His posting looks to me like classic forum bullshit/trolling/whatever. All I'm asking are questions about tyres and suitability for our cars from a safety and legality perspective. But he's chose. To throw his toys out of the pram and not to answer. Perhaps because he can't...

I don't work for a tyre company. But I said I did on a forum so that must make it true. Like Mr 14 years said he has worked in the tyre industry on a forum so that must be true also - or perhaps not?

I actually worked for three Anti-Virus companies for 20 years but I don't know how to write a computer virus (Malware as they are more fashionably called!). So 14 years in the tyre industry may still make him unable to answer my questions....

The sad thing is that he can't even bother to answer some basic questions about tyres which his boasting of 14 years of experience in the industry would suggest he should be perfectly capable of. And in the spirit of the forum and helping fellow enthusiasts it would be nice to learn for his experience - if he actually has any!?!

But I'm not too interested now and will have a word with my friend who I know does know his stuff!