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Originally Posted by R N M View Post
I personally don’t believe a word TOYOTA says that it polled anybody.
If they told ppl what would you rather have a BMW inline 6 with 335hp from a 3series or a new Toyota/Lexus 3.5 V6 TT with over 400hp - guess what the answer would be?

The new LS is a huge disappointment.
Each time a new LS generation came out it handily outsold Sclass in 1st few years partly because its $20-30k cheaper. This new one is collecting dust. Lexus is offering $8,000 lease cash to move them in 1st year!
You can believe whatever, but Tada san's words were that people said a new Supra must be: RWD, front engine, and have a straight six. If they told people if they wanted the new Supra to be 4,000lbs or 3,200lbs - guess what the answer would be? We can go back and forth all day, but it is what it is. Like it or not Toyota chose to build this with BMW. IMO, it was probably the only way to get a green light from the Toyota board members. While also help keeping cost down, because we all know how great the A80 Supra sold.

If the new LS is a huge disappointment, than that must make the 7er a super huge disappointment. Ok, and BMW offers $5,500 for the 7er.

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