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Originally Posted by R N M View Post
Again what people?
Supra was always a FAST GT car not a small nimble sports car.
People love doing highway pulls or 1/4 mile not taking it to autocross.

Tada san was told to take this BMW Z4 and like it or no Supra at all.
At the end of the day he is just an engineer and has no decision making authority in the big picture. He is trying to save face but parading a BMW Z4 in some different sheetmetal and calling that a Supra is a damn travesty.
Probably the same people that complained about the R35 not having an I6.
The Supra was NOT always a FAST GT (A40, A60 and A70 with 7M). Which people? Are all Supras all over the world packing 1000hp+? The leak specs have the new car at 5.4 inches shorter than the A80. That really isn't much differences. That's like removing the rear bumper off of the A80, and we have the overall lenght of the A90. And if all you care about is speed, than wait for the GRMN Supra. According to those in the know, its going to be a very special car.

Right, because you know everything that went on behind close doors. Why don't you stop hyperventilating until you actually get to sample one? I'm not saying it's going to be the next best thing to sliced bread, but people should stop prejudging before hand.

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