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Originally Posted by R N M View Post
Why can’t you just admit its a Z4 coupe with a Supra badge?

Since im clueless - please Tell me 1 mechanical part that was developed by Toyota.

The Supra both the A70 and A80 were not light sports cars especially compared to cars like FD RX7, NSX etc. They were 2+2 coupes that were fast and very capable.

The new Supra can only dream of having the same impact R35 GTR had. Are you kidding me? That car was incredible when it first introduced smoking almost every supercar. Everyone and their mother was talking about it.

A 335hp Supra that will get beat by average Mustang GT is not exciting to anyone.
1. Have I ever said it has any Toyota parts? Please show me where I said such a thing? What I have posted in the past was the possibility of the GRMN Supra have more of Toyota's involvement, according to inside info.

2. The A70 was not fast. Unless your talking about the oversea model with the 1JZ. The TT A80 (3,485lbs) wasn't super light but it at the same time it wasn't as heavy as the 3,600lbs 300ZX (2+2 TT) and 3,700lbs 3000GT VR4.

3. I never said the R35 wasn't great. But yet there were those still whining and complaining about the lack of the I6 and MT.

4. Well if that's that case what's the point of other cars like the SLC, Z4, Boxster, Cayman, TT, F-Type, BRZ/86, 370z, lower BMW M models and etc. when everyone can just get a Mustang?

Again, stop hyperventilating. On the 14th if you don't like what you see than by all means, whine and complain all you want. And the best part is that no one is forcing you to buy one.